A Comparative NMR-based Metabolomics Study of Lung Parenchyma of Severe COVID‑19 Patients

Published: 7 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bg45mx8rxd.1
Joaquin Hurtado, Andres Lopez, Jose Izquierdo, Fernando Rodriguez, Guillermo Moyna, Gonzalo Greif, Nicolas Nin


COVID-19 was the most significant infectious-agent-related cause of death in the 2020-2021 period. While the upper respiratory tract and lungs are the principal sites of infection and injury, most studies on the metabolic signatures in COVID-19 patients have been carried out on serum and plasma samples. In this report we attempt to characterize the metabolome of lung parenchyma extracts from fatal COVID-19 cases and compare them with that from other respiratory diseases. Our findings provides additional insights into the pathophysiology of COVID-19 that could lead to the development of targeted therapies for the treatment of severe cases of the disease, and further highlight the potential of metabolomic approaches in COVID-19 research.


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Institut Pasteur, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Metabolomics, Lung, COVID-19