Dataset of cyclic tests and simulations of T-joints with CHS chord and passing-through plate

Published: 10 January 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bg7gcgy9wk.1
Sabatino Di Benedetto,


This dataset collects cyclic tests and Finite Element (FE) simulations of T-joints featuring Circular-Hollow-Section (CHS) chords with passing-through plates. Experimental tests were conducted at the University of Salerno on three T-joints, specifically designed to replicate the behaviour of tube-to flange attachments of beam-to-column connections between CHS columns and passing-through IPE beams. These specimens underwent cyclic displacement histories at the plate ends following the protocol outlined by AISC 341. To characterise the material properties of the tested specimens, dog-bones were extracted from the tubes, and coupon tests were performed, providing engineering true stress-true strain curves. Subsequently, FE models of the specimens were developed and validated against the experimental results. These FE models precisely reproduce the geometrical and mechanical properties of the tested specimens, faithfully replicating the applied displacement histories. Exploiting the validated FE models, a parametric analysis investigated the behaviour of a more extensive dataset, encompassing 44 geometric configurations of the analysed connection. For each of the 44 cases, cyclic simulations were conducted, applying the same protocol used for the tested specimens, and the force-displacement response was analysed. The significance of this dataset lies in its derivation from numerical simulations based on FE models validated against experimental results, establishing it as a reliable resource for researchers aiming to develop mathematical and mechanical models for predicting the cyclic response of T-joints with Circular-Hollow-Section (CHS) chords with passing-through plates.



Universita degli Studi di Salerno


Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering