Data for: Selective uptake of rare earth elements in marine systems as an indication of and control on aerobic bacterial methanotrophy

Published: 15-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bgg55b2bjv.1
Annaliese Meyer


The nucleotide sequence for the large subunit of the xoxF5 gene in Methylomonas sp. LW13 (accession number CP033381.1:4302772-4304619) was used as a query sequence in a discontiguous megablast against the whole genome shotgun project AACY000000000.2, in which the surface waters of the Sargasso Sea were investigated (Venter et al., 2004). This was run in a discontiguous megablast in order to allow for the detection of xoxF genes from other clades (Taubert et al., 2015) besides the expected xoxF5. The first 11 results from this analysis, all of which had a query cover of at least 34% and an E-value below 5e-56, were used as queries in a megablast against the non-redundant nucleotide database (NCBI Resource Coordinators, 2017).