Is it fair to use cell phone jammers in prison?

Published: 14 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bgh8kdc6pb.1
xiansheng tang


News from Nabha prison in India has recently arrived. The jammers they installed interfered with signals from all facilities near the prison, and the entire bank was cut off to be precise. Therefore, the authorities were forced to call engineers to calculate the exact output power and location of the equipment to ensure that the prison was the only facility within the coverage area. This is why we need precise calculations and precision when dealing with cell phone blocking programs. What happens if these people block communications in nearby hospitals? This is not the only problem caused by improper use of equipment that interferes with radio signals, including cell phone jammers. The situation in American prisons is also changing. According to Sacramento Bee, the two prisons in Texas will now have a “management access system,” which only allows calls within the institution Approved phone number. But this is not the answer to the question! This "hosted access system" only solves part of the problem. What does it mean for Wi-Fi Internet access? He said nothing because the prisoners became more and more active because of phone smuggling. The focus of the above article is-is it fair to use cell phone jammers in prison? I agree that criminals do not take vacations there, and they must strictly abide by the crime rules. But what is relevant to the guards is that they have no restrictions not only on the use of mobile phones, but also on the use of other wireless devices. And, what if there is an emergency? Directors will not be able to communicate with the outside world of the company and operate in both directions. Here is an interesting fact: all countries that prohibit the use of blocking devices are actually the countries with the highest percentage of cell phone jammers. This may explain why the United States is the largest country using blocking devices. Believe it or not, but in the past, people were allowed to use these interference devices legally. However, the government later believed that this would be illegal, because if everyone started using such equipment, it might prevent some important agencies from sending out signals. In fact, the United States ranks first in using GPS jamming equipment. Russia ranks second because the people of these countries are more inclined and willing to protect their privacy from invasion. These two countries may use the most advanced technology to follow employees. India is the third user of jamming technology in which signal jamming equipment is used to protect public places from terrorist attacks.


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n the United States, it is illegal to own or use one without the permission of the government. These devices can be sold on a few websites, most of which are operated by overseas distributors. Herbert said: "Followed by fines and imprisonment clauses. The Federal Communications Commission works very hard to prosecute those who sell and sell these devices." Violations can be fined up to $ 16,000, and specific behaviors can be fined up to 112,500 US dollars. Possessing interferers may also lead to government confiscation of illegal equipment and criminals, including prisons, and sanctions. Herbert said: "The message conveyed is not to use them. It really doesn't make sense to use it. If others are using your cell phone, please stay away." So far, Herbert told us that he has not heard of it. Someone was arrested during our ride for using a cell phone jammer. Inspired by the famous terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become a more important technology for people who seek to protect people from possible terrorist acts or suppress dissidents. Moreover, there is no shortage of companies willing to provide mechanisms that can ensure the reliability of these jobs. Some of these technology companies have tools that allow the government to easily invade mobile phones and personal computers, as well as powerful electronic listening devices that can record all active Internet communications across the country, allowing you to guard against cyber criminals. Wall Street newspaper. These documents are about 200 documents from 36 different organizations, obtained by those who attended the secret security meeting last month. What if the wife of the caretaker now has a child and it is not even possible to call him? Or, a person from the employee ’s house caught fire, and because the signal jammer was used incorrectly, he could be told only at the end of the shift. It's not really cool. Therefore, I see that using a global jammer is not the solution, we should try to use a small radius jammer. Their coverage area is roughly equal to the area of ​​the prison cell. Therefore, the guards are not within the coverage area, and the signals sent to their radios and mobile phones can be easily passed through.


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