Rural Older Adults' KAP on Drug Misusing in the Later Life- 1 July 2020

Published: 2 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/bh9ggjvm9m.2
Abdolrahim Asadollahi, PhD, MSC., GGCP


Drug Misuse and Addiction is one of the health issues of older people at the later life which has not been considered competently in Gerontology as well. There are low knowledge and insufficiency investigative data within gerontologists, nurses, physicians and psychologists who work in the ageing community regarding this problem. Having older adults’ knowledge, attitude, and perception of Addiction in Aging is vital. Rural areas are a pristine and intact context where gerontologists could be trained to investigate issues and older adults' problems. The attached data was aimed to investigate the issue in the later life in the rural community of southern Iran. In a cross-sectional study, about 570 middle & older adults (Male = 317, Female = 251, & Withdrawn = 2) who aged 60 years old and above (Birthyear 1920 to 1960) were chosen via random sampling technique. They are covered by rural health administrations in the rural communities of Fars province in southern Iran, 2018. Data was updated in July 2020.



Shiraz University of Medical Sciences


Rural Development, Criminology, Addiction, Perception, Aging, Drug, Knowledge, Rural Area, Addiction Screening, Medical Care in Iran, Addiction Medicine, Addictive Disorder, Aging Process, Older Adult, Iran, Aged Care, Older People, Rural Health, Assessment for Aged Person, Social Gerontology, Drug Misuse, Drug Addiction, Attitude and Beliefs, Life Event, Life-Span, Criminological Aspect of Drug Misuse, Behavioral Addiction, Crime, Crime Analysis, Aging Male, Criminal Behavior, Addictive Behavior, Aged Care Nursing