Neutralization Data and Aligned ENV Sequences for Predicting Antibody Affinities using Artificial Neural Networks

Published: 20 June 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bhcjwtwjh4.1
Catalin Buiu


Sample file with neutralization data (IC50) for different antibodies and viral strains, adapted from J. Huang, G. Ofek, L. Laub, M. K. Louder, N. A. Doria-Rose, N. S. Longo, H. Imamichi, R. T. Bailer, B. Chakrabarti, S. K. Sharma, S. M. Alam, T. Wang, Y. Yang, B. Zhang, S. A. Migueles, R. Wyatt, B. F. Haynes, P. D. Kwong, J. R. Mascola, and M. Connors, “Broad and potent neutralization of HIV-1 by a gp41-specific human antibody.,” Nature, vol. 491, no. 7424, pp. 406–12, Nov. 2012. Aligned ENV sequences downloaded from the HIV Sequence Database ( There are 4907 sequences and the alignment length is 1369.