Articles with No-Code or Low-Code in Title or Keywords

Published: 20 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bhdp5h9r6b.1
, Pedro Valente,


No-code or low-code software development systematic literature review articles.


Steps to reproduce

Resarch articles in the following sources: - ACM Digital Library: Publisher. - IEEE Digital Library: Publisher. - ISI Web of Science: Scientific Platform with results from Springer, Elsevier and IEEE. - Science@Direct: Scientific Platform with results from Elsevier, ACM and IEEE. - Springer Link: With search string of: "Low-Code" or "No-Code" in Title or Keywords And apply the following exclusion criteria: - Article of 2023, to which an inclusion criteria of Early Access within the year 2022 was defined i.e. excluded if of 2023 unless had early access in 2022. - Not Accessible. - Not Include Low-Code or No-Code in Title or Author Keywords. - Literature Review (secondary study). - Not collects data about different Low or No-Code tools or does not compare them. - Present Low or No-Code Language (and do not provide a comparison). - Describe a case-study. - Describe work with Low or No-Code tool. - Describe or present tool (and do not provide a comparison). - Presents approach about Low or No-Code (and do not provide a comparison). - Proceedings. - Does not provide sufficient detail in the comparison of Low-Code or No-Code tools.


Universidade da Madeira Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute


Information System, Software Engineering, Systematic Review