Transcriptomic data for fathead minnow Pimephales promelas

Published: 05-01-2018| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/bhf7v5fzk8.4
Randall Packer


These files are procedures and data for transcriptomic analysis of the fathead minnow Pimephales promelas and are connected to the article in Comparative Biochemistery and Physiology Part D Transcriptomic analysis of changes in gene expression of immune proteins of gill tissue in response to low environmental temperature in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas). Simon A. Wentworth1,, Katrina Thede2, Varsha Aravindabose2, Ian Monroe1, Andrew W. Thompson1, Neil Molyneaux3, Christopher L. Owen4, John R. Burns1, Agustin Gonzalez Vicente2, Jeffrey L. Garvin2, Randall K. Packer1*