Spectra for 208Pb(p,p') taken with the Elbeck magnetic spectrograph at Los Alamos (USA) in 1966

Published: 6 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bhk398gkfp.1
Andreas Heusler


Spectra for 208Pb(p,p') taken in 1966 near all isobaric analog resonances in 209Bi using the Elbeck magnetic spectrograph at Los Alamos (USA) Some of the spectra are apparently presented in Fig. 2 published in Phys. Rev. 164:1559-1566 (1966) by C. F. Moore, L. J. Parish, P. von Brentano, S. A. A. Zaidi The spectra were scanned and digititized in 2018 using the computer code "engauge". Scans of spectra in jpgLosA.tgz Digitized spectra in csvLosA.tgz Table I from the publication PR 164:1559 (1966) is compared to recent results in comparisonLosA.pdf



Experimental Nuclear Physics