Price Levels in the European Monetary Union

Published: 23 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bjkxswz9rh.1
Rainer Maurer


Legend for Stata database: EUROSTAT_HICP_PPP_TS.dta Examples for composed variable codes in Stata notation: ln_clothing_hicp_fra = ln(clothing_hicp_fra/100) : logarithm of harmominized consumer price index for clothing in France ln_clothing_rer_sa_deu_aut = ln(clothing_hicp_sa_aut / clothing_hicp_sa_deu): logarithm of real exchange rate clothing based on seasonally adjusted HICPs of Austria over Germany ln_clothing_rerppp_sa_deu_aut = ln(clothing_hicppp_sa_aut / clothing_hicppp_sa_deu) = logarithm of real exchange rate clothing based on seasonally and PPP adjusted HICPs of Austria over Germany Country Codes: aut: Austria bel: Belgium esp: Spain fra: France fin: Finland grc: Greece deu: Germany irl: Ireland ita: Italy lux: Luxemburg nld: Netherlands prt: Portugal Variable Codes: hicp: harmonized consumer price index hicppp: purchasing power parity adjusted harmonized consumer price index rer: real exchange rate nat_curr: nominal exchange rate Transformation Codes: ln: natural logarithm sa: seasonally adjusted ppp: purchasing power parity adjusted o: over Commodity Codes according to [ECOICOP=European classification of individual consumption by purpose] allitems: All-items HICP [CP00] goods: Goods (overall index excluding services) [GD] tot_serv: Services (overall index excluding goods) [SERV] clothing: Clothing [CP031] communic: Communication [CP08] mot_cars: Motor cars [CP0711] n_alc_b: Non-alcoholic beverages [CP012] nonener_ind_dur: Non-energy industrial goods durables only [IGD_NNRG_D] restau_hotel: Restaurants and hotels [CP11]


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Calculation based on the primary data from EUROSTAT:


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