Body Measurements Datasets

Published: 15 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bjv6c9pmp4.1
Muhammad Kiru


~Dataset Information~ This dataset could be the first of its kind and probably the only of its kind on public database. We intended to conduct research using human body measurement but we could not find any open access data. So we decided to build our data. Attribute information: Gender (Male and Female (M=1 & F= 2) (391 Males & 324 Females) Age (1 year and above) HeadCircumference (in inches) ShoulderWidth (in inches) ChestWidth (in inches) Belly (in inches) Waist (in inches) Hips (in inches) ArmLength (in inches) ShoulderToWaist (in inches) WaistToKnee (in inches) LegLength (in inches) TotalHeight - from head to toe (in inches) Class Label (Not defined) Dataset Characteristics: Multivariate, Numerical Attribute Characteristics: Real Associated Tasks: Classification, Regression Number of Instances: 13 Number of Attributes: 716 Missing Values: No Domain: cross domain


Steps to reproduce

Collection Technique: Body measurements were taken from different people using tapes. Data was collected from children between the age of 1 to 12, and teenagers between 13 to 19, and adults between 20 and above. Measurement scale: All measures were in inches (not centimetre) Usage of Data: Data was used for classification problem


Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia


Numerical Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Classification System