Human-machine tool shop management system

Published: 18 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bk23zc75jt.1


The article describes a human-machine tool shop management system based on the developed models and algorithms of production division management tasks. The calculation of the economic efficiency of the developed management system is carried out. The developed online management system increases the economic efficiency of managing a modern production unit. This management system, as shown by its operation, has the ability to form management decisions, making extensive use of the ability of operational shop staff to navigate in informal situations due to their experience, intuition, and forecasting the development of the production situation. With this approach to the management process, it is possible to involve hidden reserves and other resources in the production sphere on the basis of the development of creative initiative of the heads of production units and site management personnel. In addition, having the ability to quickly respond to changes in the production environment, the dialog control system allows you to more effectively than with batch information processing systems to stabilize the course of the production process when it is affected by various random factors. The ability to synchronize in real time the interaction of all workplaces (WP) of production sites is implemented, thereby significantly reducing the duration of production cycles for manufacturing products, work in progress, improving the rhythm of production, increasing labor productivity.



Navoi State Mining Institute


Aggregate Production