Survey on the quality of life of consumers fitted with osseointegrated fixation and bone-anchored limb prostheses provided by government organization

Published: 19 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bkbxxmrhfh.1
Laurent Frossard,
, Debra Berg


This specifically-designed survey data on the quality of life was administered by Queensland Artificial Limb Services (QALS) as an integrated part of its continuous quality improvement procedure for assessing the provision of bone-anchored prosthesis. This survey was designed to assess change in quality of life experienced by QALS’s consumers before and after implantation of a press-fit or screw-type osseointegrated fixation when fitted with conventional socket-suspended and bone-anchored limb prosthesis, respectively. First, participants were required to indicate their name, address, date of birth and email. Then, participants had to answer 25 questions organized around the three following sections including: • 7 (28%) questions about “Osseointegration Surgery Details” (i.e., Q1 – 7), • 5 (20%) questions about “Pre-Osseointegration Surgery” (i.e., Q8 – 12), • 13 (52%) questions about “Post-Surgery Osseointegration” (i.e., Q13 – 25). The eligible consumers were asked to participate in this study over the phone by a QALS’ agent. Consumers could choose if they preferred receiving the survey by email or by post with pre-paid return envelope.



Artificial Limb, Amputation, Prosthesis Implantation, Quality of Life, Prosthetics, Patient Satisfaction, Implant, Consumer Experience