Data for: Indentation size and loading rate sensitivities on mechanical properties and creep behavior of solid bitumen

Published: 7 November 2019| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/bknmsy77pb.4
yongqiang xiong, KOUQI Liu, Yuke Liu, P Peng, Chao Yang


File 1 is the data for the dependences of modulus and hardness on depth shown in Figure 6. File 2 is the data for creep time-depth of selected tests with a depth of 3000 nm. File 3 is the data for tests with a loading rate of 0.05s-1. File 4 is the data for m calculation shown in Figure 12. File 5 is the XRD data for solid bitumen shown in Figure 4.



Nanoindentation, X-Ray Diffraction