Data of compression test results of high-performance wood scrimber

Published: 24 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bmd9hppk3t.1
guofang wu


The dataset contains the compression test results of high-performance wood scrimber. The dataset provides information on the group, dimensions, maximum load, total mass, density, and compressive strength.


Steps to reproduce

The parallel-to-grain compressive strength testing followed the guidelines outlined in ISO 13061-17. Specifically, the Control, CP1, and CP2 groups underwent testing using a 100 kN universal testing machine (model Instron 5582), while specimens from the CP3 to CP6 groups were examined on a 3000 kN servo-hydraulic testing machine (model YAW-2000). The loading speed for each group was determined through pre-loading tests conducted on approximately 2-3 specimens, ensuring an average failure time of approximately 1.5 minutes.


Chinese Academy of Forestry Research Institute of Wood Industry


Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences


National Key Research and Development Program of China

2021YFD2200601 and 2021YFD2200605