Data for: Sedimentary Features of Domanik Shelf Carbonate Measures during Regression in the Southeastern Volga-Ural Basin

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bmr9swjt5x.1
Xinping Liang


Russian Platform is also called East European Platform. In order to analyze the sedimentary environment changes from Upper Frasnian to Lower Tournaisian of the study area we learned complex geological-geophysical data including 9 well core and its lithology description and mineral composition analysis, more than 150 well-logging and drilling data from Samara and Orenburg regions, and other reference materials from Tatarstan and Baskhortostan. Sedimentary environment change was firstly confirmed in a single well by core observation and its description, by its lithology, sedimentary structure and sequence, combing with well-logging curves such as SP, GR and others; then by the of analysis way of “point – line – plane – volume”, the crossline and plane rule of sedimentary change were concluded; finally, the volume sediment distribution was studied. In the end the sedimentary evolution model was established and its controlling factors was discussed



European Geology