NEK2 is a potential pan-cancer biomarker and immunotherapy target

Published: 15 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bn23yc7cwv.1
Lanyue zhang, Yang Li, Wenxin Liao, Tingting Liu, Juexiao Deng, Fujin Shen


NEK2 may be a potential pan-cancer biomarker and immunotherapeutic target for improving the efficacy of tumor therapy. This study investigated the expression level, prognostic value, gene mutations, MSI, TMB, immune checkpoints and related signalling pathways of NEK2 in pan-cancer using a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. The results indicated that NEK2 overexpression has a certain diagnostic value in a variety of cancer types; NEK2 may be a potential prognostic and immune-related biomarker for cancer patients. This study elucidated the role of NEK2 in tumorigenesis from multiple perspectives, and provided some bases for further research on the specific mechanisms of NEK2 in cancer progression and treatment.



Wuhan University Renmin Hospital


Medicine, Bioinformatics, Cervical Cancer