EMG data processing

Published: 23 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bnv876g9f2.1
alireza aminaee


in this file we change the sum of integrated EMG (APA magnitude) into corrected APA and then normalized them for better comparison between subjects.


Steps to reproduce

Then these ʃIEMGs were corrected by subtracting the ʃIEMG activity of base line interval (i.e. -500ms to -200 ms) from ʃIEMG activity in APAs intervals in each trial as follow: ʃIEMGC = ʃIEMG-500to-200 – ʃIEMG Where, ʃIEMGC is corrected ʃIEMG of each trial. ʃIEMG-500to-200 is the magnitude of EMG activity of base line interval. for comparison across all participants, ʃIEMGC values were normalized through following formula. the result of this equation ranged all the ʃIEMGC values in to -1 to +1 ʃIEMGC-N = ʃIEMGC / ʃIEMGMAX Where, ʃIEMGC-N is normalized and corrected APAs magnitude, ʃIEMGC is corrected APAs magnitude of each participant and ʃIEMGMAX is the maximum APAs magnitude in each group of fast/slow or skilled/novice variable


University of Tehran Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science


Posture Studies