Resource-Based Instruction Data Collected from 2 Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda

Published: 21 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bpfb5sdmyg.1
Josiane Mukagihana,


This dataset contains five types of data collected from two universities in Rwanda. The first data are related to Pre-service Biology Teachers Achievement Test (PBTAT) designed by authors, the second data are related to Biology Attitude Scale (BAS) adapted from existing tools, the third data are related to Academic Motivation Scale for Learning Biology (AMSLB) adapted from existing tools. All both tools collected data from both universities, the University of Rwanda College of Education (URCE) and the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB). However, [the fourth data] classroom observation using the Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS) was done only at UTAB and its data are also uploaded here. The fifth data is related to reliability testing before the implementation of PBTAT. The data were collected from November 2020 to March 2021. The data were collected during teaching and learning microbiology. The pre-and post-test design was used at URCE, while the Equivalent time-series design was used at UTAB. The focus group was Year-2 students enrolled in Biology education. These students are future teachers of Biology (Pre-service Biology teachers).


Steps to reproduce

Any variable from data is reproducible


Microbiology, Life Sciences, Motivation, Coding Reliability, Attitude Change, Classroom Behavior, Academic Performance