LS-DYNA Input Files for DSIF Simulation of a Funnel

Published: 20 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bprm9mpdnb.1
Newell Moser


The following data files contain the input text files to initiate a finite element simulation of Double-Sided Incremental Forming (DSIF) in LS-DYNA. Specifically, LS-DYNA Explicit version 10.1 by LSTC. The part geometry is a funnel. Moreover, this DSIF finite element simulation incorporates a novel tool-model which considers the aggregate effects of machine compliance. The main file is "main_compliant.k", which then makes calls to the other files via the *INCLUDE keyword. This main file contains definitions for part instances, contact interfaces, solver parameters, boundary conditions, property assignments, and output quantities. The files, "botToolAndRing_9p525mm.k" and "topToolAndRing_9p525mm.k", contain definitions of the elements/nodes for the top and bottom tools. The "sheet200X200mm_0p5mmPolar_6ElThru.k" file contains the element/node definitions for the metal sheet. The "materials.k" file contains definitions of the material models used in the simulation, as well as the spring and damper properties for the compliant tools. The files, "fullFunnel_1000mms_DynaBotTips.k" and "fullFunnel_1000mms_DynaBotTips.k", contain definitions of the toolpaths (in X-, Y-, Z-coordinates) for the top and bottom tools. Finally, "fullFunnel_1000mms_DynaOutputTimes.k" contains definitions for when the simulation should export entire simulation states as LS-DYNA .d3plot files.



National Institute of Standards and Technology, Northwestern University


Finite Element Methods, Metal Forming