Data in manuscript titled 'Fracture mechanism of adhesive single-lap joints with composite adherends under quasi-static tension'

Published: 5 March 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/br4cdprntv.2
XINLONG SHANG, Eduardo Marques, Ricardo Carbas, Ana Barbosa, Dazhi Jiang, Lucas da Silva, Dingding Chen, Su Ju


The research is aimed to understanding of the fracture mechanism of Single-lap joints (SLJs) with composite adherends. The main findings of the research are as follow.  Fracture surface of SLJs are observed in detail with scanning electron microscope.  Crack initiation of both types of SLJs are captured by high-speed camera.  Fracture process of SLJs are demonstrated based on experimental results.  Sand paper treatment shows an effect on the failure modes of SLJs.  CZM with experimentally obtained parameters predicts the failure modes and failure loads well. The raw data include the results of tensile test and short beam shear test of a CFRP as well as the tensile test results of 4 types of SLJs. The processed data are derived from the raw data, mainly in the form of figure.



Composite Material, Adhesive Property, Bonded Joint, Bonding Surface Treatment