Published: 18 December 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/br5bk2d3xm.1
Sean Williams


Dataset consists of MATLAB generated *.mat files created to support ATE_2017_6249 submission: On the use of thermal inertia in blocks of building stock to leverage decentralised demand side frequency regulation services. Arduino frequency sensor and BMRS data files (721x1 data entries): 1. AFS_bmrs.mat 2. AFS_arduino.mat 3. AFS_50hz.mat Decentralised frequency control regulation (a) Frequency Response (45000x1 data entries): 1. SIM_freq_nodfcp.mat 2. PT326_freq.mat 3. SIM_freq.mat 4. PT326_freq_SDR.mat 5. SIM_freq_SDR.may (b) Temperature Response (45000x1 data entries): 1. PT326_temp.mat 2. SIM_temp.mat 3. PT326_temp_SDR.mat 4. SIM_temp_SDR.mat (c) Electrical Power (php) (45000x1 data entries): 1. PT326_php.mat 2. SIM_php.mat 3. PT326_php_SDR.mat 4. SIM_php_SDR.mat Frequency Contribution to Controllable Load (65002x1 data entries): 1. HIL_freq.mat 2. HIL_50hz.mat 3. HIL_pt326temp.mat 4. HIL_simtemp.mat 5. HIL_simtempd300.mat ----end----


Steps to reproduce

Start MATLAB Save data set into MATLAB working folder Load data set to appear in Workspace Highlight required dataset(s) and select Plot (or Plot as multi series) from Plots ribbon menu ----end----


Teesside University Technology Futures Institute


Data Engineering