The inhibitory effect of berberine on fibrosis after bleomycin-induced lung injury in mice

Published: 17 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/brcn633gr8.1
Min Qiu


Raw data of this experiment. 1.Body mass index curves and survival curves.(Excel) 2.H&E staining.(d14 Control 200.jpg; d14 Control 400.jpg; d14 BLM 200.jpg; d14 BLM 400.jpg; d14 BLM+Ber 200.jpg; d14 BLM+Ber 400.jpg; d42 Control 200.jpg; d42 Control 400.jpg; d42 BLM 200.jpg; d42 BLM 400.jpg; d42 BLM+Ber 200.jpg; d42 BLM+Ber 400.jpg) 3.Histological examination.(Excel) 4.Giemsa staining of the cells.(d14 Control.jpg; d14 BLM.jpg; d14 BLM+Ber.jpg; d42 Control.jpg; d42 BLM.jpg; d42 BLM+Ber.jpg) 5.Cells number; Percent of Moncytes and Macrophages; Cell classification.(Excel) 6.ELISA for TNF-α, IL-8, IL-6, PDGF-AB, TGF-β1 and HYP.(Excel) 7.Masson’s trichrome staining.(Masson’s trichrome staining(jpg); Collagen+ area (%)(Excel)) 8.Immunohistochemical staining of α-SMA.(Immunohistochemical staining of α-SMA.jpg; Percent α-SMA area(Excel) ) 9.Immunohistochemical staining of TGF-β1.(Immunohistochemical staining of TGF-β1.jpg; Percent TGF-β1 area(Excel) ) 10.Expression levels of p38 MAPKα.(Expression levels of p38 MAPKα (Total)(Excel); Expression levels of p38 MAPKα (pT180/Y182)(Excel))



Animal Pharmacology