Time of onset and duration of post-COVID-19 acute telogen effluvium

Published: 24 June 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/bsn65bztxy.4
Tatiana Abrantes, Carlos Wambier, Sergio Vañó Galván, Sineida Ferreira, João Carlos Simão, Ryan Falsey


Data was gathered from 30 patients from March to July 2020 who reported intense hair shedding following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, as denoted by positive PCR. TE initiated a median of 45 days (IQR=13) after RT-PCR positive test. Among patients that had TE resolved by July 31st (n=20), resolution occurred in a median of 33 days after onset. Among patients with ongoing TE by July 31st (n=10), median duration was at least 35 days, range 30-81 days. In sum, "COVID effluvium" appears to occur sooner and have a shorter duration than TE associated with other triggering events.



Dermatology, Hair Loss, COVID-19