Influence of Stimulus Reliability on Audiovisual Integration (AVOAE)

Published: 27 October 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bt8mngzd35.1
Hannah Shatzer,


Data from the manuscript, "Neurophysiology underlying influence of stimulus reliability on audiovisual integration," by H. Shatzer, S. Shen, J.R. Kerlin, M.A. Pitt, and A.J. Shahin. "NH_##-Deci.bdf" files are Biosemi EEG files for each subject, decimated to 512 Hz. An explanation of the triggers is included in the readme file. "" files contain individual Presentation logs of the behavioral data for each of the 12 blocks (plus a practice session) per subject. Note that a mistake was made when assigning subject numbers and '16' was not used.



Electroencephalography, Integration, Speech Perception