Functionally resolved 16S rRNA gene reference BLAST databases of bacteria responsible for major biological processes in activated sludge

Published: 9 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/btfhrsrvgd.1


The Microbial Database for Activated Sludge (MiDAS) links identity of microbes with ecological functions they carry out during wastewater treatment (Nierychlo et al. 2020). The functionally resolved activated sludge specific full-length sequences of MiDAS were categorised based on ecological functions of bacteria to create seven reference BLAST databases with 263 full-length reference sequences representing ammonia oxidising bacteria (AOB), 27 representing Anammox bacteria, 593 representing nitrite oxidising bacteria (NOB), 10572 representing Denitrifying bacteria, 3853 representing polyphosphate accumulating organisms (PAO), 645 representing glycogen accumulating organisms (GAO) and 818 representing sulfate reducing bacteria.



Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Activated Sludge