Supplemental videos: Time-lapse visualization of IgM+ and IgM- TS32.15 in the presence of target cells.

Published: 29 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/btww5mxjxg.1
David Spencer


TS32.15 CTL were stained for IgM (FITC) then incubated with labeled B cell targets (Far Red) in conditioned media. Technical limitations prohibited timelapse visualization with multiple illumination channels, so to identify cell types, initial fluorescent overlay images were taken immediately prior to the beginning of timelapse imaging under bright-field illumination. Timelapse videos depict cell activity over ~25 min (1 image every 10 sec) with 20x (sVideo 1) and 40x (sVideo 2) magnification. Videos are representative of 3 independent experiments.