Responsible Gambling and Gambling Addiction 2024

Published: 4 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bvbgkkytdf.1
Alyce Fabel


About Me Alyce, an adept leader in the realm of online gambling content management, boasts an impressive track record spanning over 11 years. With finesse, she navigates through the intricate layers of this dynamic industry. Hailing from the serene landscapes of western France, Alyce embarked on a transformative journey in Canada, where she flourished both academically and professionally. Graduating with a degree in Journalism from the esteemed University of Toronto, she honed her skills in writing and analysis, kickstarting her career in a local publication and as a private instructor. However, recognizing the evolving landscape, Alyce strategically shifted her focus from journalism to specialize in the realms of education and content creation. About Responsible Gambling Responsible gambling refers to a set of principles, practices, and measures aimed at minimizing the potential harms associated with gambling activities while promoting safe and enjoyable participation. It involves awareness, prevention, player controls, support services, regulatory oversight, corporate social responsibility, research, and collaboration.



University of Toronto


Gambling, Gambling Industry, Gambling Addiction