Published: 09-07-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/bvdzg9xfry.3
Ahmed Khairadeen Ai,
Haneen Hashim Mohammed Ali,
Eun Seok Kim,
Hayub Song,
One Jae Lee


urban tree design tool


Steps to reproduce

for the script to work fist install the follwoing libraries from and isntall the packages into grasshopper local library 1. Wallaceix 2. sharedive 3. ladybug 4. honey bee 5. QR code Generator 6. Elk after that download the repositry, open the rhino file run grasshopper file import the map.osm to the script import epw file to the script import design parameters to the T-Desig run T-Agent from the WallaceiX