Synthesis dataset key socio-economic indicators of northern Norway relevant for the transportation system

Published: 1 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bvfjjvsxfm.1


This is a supplement to the working paper "Transportation systems interconnectedness with socio-economic development in Arctic peripheries: Towards a planning framework". This synthesis dataset summarizes key socio-economic indicators relevant to the transportation system in Arctic peripheries with Northern Norway as a case study. Counties of Finnmark, Nordland and Troms.


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To carry out the integrative review we follow the procedure by Cardoso Ermel et al. (2021), aimed to identify relevant publications in gray literature (governmental plans and commissioned reports). Gray literature (government plans and practitioner reports) were included to complement the search from academic databases with a concrete focus on the evaluation of demographic, environmental, infrastructural, industrial, political, and cultural conditions/indicators and trends in Northern Norway. The sources include the Business Index North Report series 2019- 2022, Statistisk sentralbyrå. Indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals, The Norwegian Government Action Plan for Green Shipping, The Norwegian government National Transport Plan 2022-2033. The report data was analyzed following a deductive approach which goes with greater detail into the category of indicators of societal well-being . The following coding scheme was used. Demographic D_ population D_ employment D_migration D_ gender D_ density D_ indigenous_groups Environmental E_ protected_areas E_ coast_use E_ topography E_ weather and climate change E_ice_in waters Infrastructural I_public use infrastructrure I_ roads I_border_crossings I_ railway I_ electricity_capacity I_ airports I_ ports I_ shipping lanes I_ SAR I_icebreakers Industrial I_ industrial activities I_tourism I_ fishing fleet I_ ship repair yards I_ oil and gas I_ mining I_ renewable energy Political P_ administration P_overview of transportation plans P_overview of ILO convention and indigenous consultation process I_ budget P_ budgeting P_ sami_parliament Cultural C_sami_culture C_nordic_cross_border collaboration C_outdoor_practices_nature The synthesis was then produced in a seven page document including the references.


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Social Sciences, Transportation by Region, Regional Development, Regional Planning


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