Data for: Drought (scPDSI) reconstruction of trans–Himalayan region of central Himalaya using Pinus wallichiana tree rings

Published: 6 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bw9b8973yc.1
Ze-Xin Fan, Udya Thapa, Suman Aryal, Sanjaya Bhandari, Achim Braeuning, Yub Raj Dhakal, Narayan Gaire, Dinesh Bhuju, Santosh Shah


Tree-ring width chronology was used to reconstructed the February-August self-calibrated Palmer drought severity index (scPDSI) in the trans-Himalayan region of central Himalaya. A simple linear regression model was established between the significant climate variable limiting tree growth, which is average spring–summer (February–August) drought (scPDSI) for 12 grids and the tree ring chronology to reconstruct drought for the trans–Himalaya.



Dendrochronology, Tree Rings, Chronological Dating, Palaeoclimate