field photographs, diagrams and notes of a privately owned, complete lepisosteiform specimen from the Turonian of Asfla, Morocco (Asfla Member): Supplementary data for Cooper et al., 2020 .

Published: 16 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bw9vkvp3hb.1
Samuel L. A. Cooper


Data consists of field photographs, notes and annotated diagrams of a complete marine gar fish from the Turonian Akrabou Formation (Asfla Member) of Asfla Morocco. This data is entered as unofficial supplementary data for "A large marine gar fish (Ginglymodi, Lepisosteiformes) from the Turonian Akrabou Formation of Asfla, Morocco" by S.L.A. Cooper, D.M. Martill and T. Beevor. This specimen is privatively owned with its current whereabouts presently unknown. Therefore it is not figured or described in the original manuscript in order to abide by the journal's policies. Data is stored as a PDF and contains 18 figures of this private specimen.


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The Specimen was studied in a local fossil collector's storeroom in the village of Asfla, Morocco. The specimen was shown to the author by the owner with permission given to photograph and report on the material. The discovery of this specimen was purely opportunistic and is documented here due to its rarity and significant impact it has to the study of the Asfla Member ichthyological assemblage. This data would be reproducible if a similar specimen was to be discovered from the same horizon (Asfla Member).


University of Portsmouth


Paleontology, Ichthyology, Morocco, Garfish, Late Cretaceous