The collection of narratives on strategies, ethics and public response of COVID-19 national vaccination process written by members of scholarly association Navigating Knowledge Landscapes Network

Published: 21 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bwdf6v5wgr.1
Vanja Kopilaš, Norbert Buzas, Ulf Carmesund, Iuliana Ceausu, Richard Chenhall, Cláudia de Freitas, Helena Machado, Lenka Lhotska, Susanne Lundin, Franc Mali, Lucia Martinelli, Maruška Nardoni, Christina Nasadyuk, Alexander Palant, Melike Sahinol, Kate Senior, Jiwon Shim, Susana Silva, Wanda Spahl, Anna Lydia Svalastog, Ann Svensson, Renata Šribar, Zoran Todorović, Margareta Troein, Matjaz Vidmar, Helena Webb, Srecko Gajovic


The data collected in this dataset are narratives exploring public policies, attitudes, individual behaviors, and the collective experiences of the involved communities regarding vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic. The narratives were written by the members of the interdisciplinary research network Navigating Knowledge Landscapes (NKL; The members of the network are scholars belonging to different research disciplines and the aim of the network is to explore and discuss the individual aspects of citizens’ navigation of (new) knowledge in the digital society. An invitation to participate in this study was sent to members of the network on May 5, 2021. First responses were received on May 13, 2021, while the last response (including updated versions) was received on July 21, 2021. In total, 25 contributions were received from 27 scholars representing 17 countries (some scholars co-authored their contributions). Each of them described strategies, ethics, and public response of COVID-19 national vaccination process in their country. The scholars are coming from different academic background, but most of them are experts in Life Sciences, Sociology, Philosophy and Medicine. The participants were asked to answer the following questions in their narratives by maximum 200-300 words per question: Part 1: The national vaccination program Describe the COVID-19 vaccination in your country: what were its strengths, main weaknesses, opportunities to improve it and threats to its success? Part 2: Public discourse and ethics How would you describe public responses to your country’s vaccination program? What is your impression on the various collective attitudes towards the vaccination program in your country? Were there any ethical issues or concerns around the vaccine program in your country? Part 3: Personal experience What is your personal experience, opinion or attitude regarding COVID-19 vaccination? No corrections or modifications were applied to the narratives, including no proofreading or grammatical checks. The authors agreed that their narratives can be published under their full name and affiliation, and the resulting collection used for research purposes. Ethical approval for this study was obtained from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.



Health Policy, Public Health, Vaccination, COVID-19