Video clips of Franches-Montagnes stallions at walk and trot on a treadmill during an incremental speed test

Published: 17 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bwfkyvy593.1


Video clips of 24 Franches-Montagnes (FM) stallions (mean ± SD; age = 8.8 ± 4.1 years, height at withers = 1.57 ± 0.03 m, and weight = 526.3 ± 32.7 kg). All stallions passed a clinical lameness exam including a trot up and flexion test performed by the same veterinarian one week prior to the beginning of the kinematic measurements. Stallions were habituated to the treadmill with eight to 14 training sessions over a time span of six weeks prior to the incremental speed test. The stallions were kinematically and kinetically measured and recorded on video in walk and trot during an incremental speed test (walking speed range 1.4 to 2.0 m/s at 0.1 m/s increments; trotting speed range 3.3 to 6.5 m/s at 0.5 m/s increments above 4.0 m/s). During the incremental speed test, the stallions were video-recorded from the front, from behind and from the left side with Sony Camcorders (HDR-CX760). The videos were cut into 20 second clips for each walking and trotting speed using the software iMovie (Apple Inc.). The videos were converted from .mov format to .mp4 format to conform to available storage space. The original clips are available under reasonable request. For each stallion, the video sequences were prepared as follows: within each gait and speed, the stallion was viewed from behind, then the left side and then from the front; first the two walk sessions followed by the two trot sessions, in order of speed (walk at 1.7 m/s, peak walk, trot at 4.5 m/s, peak trot). A 10 second black screen with the code name (FMXXXX) of the stallion was added at the beginning of the video. The clips of three stallions were also used as test sequences, with a 10 second black screen and the titles "Test 1", Test 2", and "Test 3". Data collection was conducted in 2016 at the laboratory of the Division of Equine Sports Medicine of the Equine Department, University of Zurich, under the animal experiment permit number VD 3164 complying to Swiss Federal Legislation. No animal was harmed during the experiment.



Agroscope, Universitat Zurich, Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen Fachbereich Veterinarmedizin


Animal Locomotion, Equus, Veterinary Exercise Science