Peganum harmala transcriptome

Published: 25 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxcx9jhzdt.1
Seyed Mehdi Jazayeri


The data include the transcriptome of Peganum harmala species, its annotation and sequences of genes involved in stress response and alkaloid biosynthesis. These supporting data belong to an article published by Jazayeri et al. 2022 in BioTechnologia journal. They are 6 files including Supplementary File 1 containing alkaloid biosynthesis genes retrieved from the public domains Supplementary File 2 containing 42528 coding sequences (transcripts or gene models) of P. harmala transcriptome Supplementary File 3 containing annotations for P. harmala transcriptome gene models Supplementary File 4 containing an Excel file sheets of comparisons between transcriptome of P. harmala with other plants, SSR markers, transcription factors and PlantTFcat results for P. harmala transcriptome, Supplementary File 5 containing alkaloid biosynthesis genes of P. harmala transcriptome Supplementary File 6 containing stress responsive genes of P. harmala transcriptome



Alkaloids Biosynthesis, Plant (Plant Biology), Zygophyllaceae, Transcriptome, Alkaloid, Abiotic Stress