Tourist departures and divorces in Mexico: Data for Mexico, 1996Q1 - 2019Q4

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxkk93256t.1
Fernando Sánchez López


We have analysed the effect of registered divorces in Mexico on the number of tourist departures. We have computed an over-identified SVAR model for the period 1996Q1 – 2019Q4 by way of using the following series: Multilateral real Exchange Rate, number of outbound tourists, and the number of registered divorces in Mexico. The VAR model has been computed using the growth rates of such series (first difference of their natural logarithm). We have used an exogenous variable to help the model to correctly simulate the main breaks in the series (dummy). Besides the excel files where the data can be found, we are also sharing the EViews file where VAR model was computed,



Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Tourism, Family, Marital Dissolution