Response and input time history dataset and numerical models for a miniaturized 3D shear frame(Md Armanul Hoda ,Eshwar Kuncham & Subhamoy Sen)

Published: 21 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxmd7c78zf.1


All the laboratory tests reported here have been conducted in the i4S laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi in India. The operating temperature has been the ambient room temperature which has been observed to be consistent within a range of 15-20o C which has been considered insignificant to cause any substantial thermal induced changes. The test setup is of a three-dimensional frame model that is designed in such a convenient manner that elements of this frame can be easily assembled or dismantled as needed without much complexity. The frame is excited using an impact hammer in different directions and locations (for more details see the section 2.4). A total of sixteen datasets for undamaged and three damaged condition of the structure are recorded and shared in the raw format. Data contains following folders as- Experimental Data: Data file name as und_position1_28th_jan with the abbreviations should be read as: und- undamaged, position1 –force is applied at 1st position, 28th_jan – 28th January 2022, similarly for damage types are represented as heavy, lightbeam, reduc for type 1, 2 and 3 damages respectively. Supporting MATLAB codes are also attached in respective folders. MATLAB Model: The folder contains MATLAB files of undamaged and damaged structures of 3D frame structure. ABAQUS Model: The folder contains ABAQUS files of undamaged and damaged structures of 3D frame structure. The experiment was conducted by Md Armanul Hoda, Currently a MTech in structural engineering student at Indian Institute of technology, Mandi, India


Steps to reproduce

Dataset can be opened by Ms-excel Numerical MATLAB model can be opened by the MATLAB software A high-fidelity finite element model can be opened by the ABAQUS software.


Indian Institute of Technology Mandi


Civil Engineering, Finite Element Methods, Finite Element Modeling, Structural Health Monitoring, Modal Analysis