Determination of deltametrine and lambda-cyhalothrin waste in soil samples of the Sub-Medium São Francisco Valley, Brazil

Published: 30 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxwwpgxpwh.1
Carlos Leite Filho, Nathália Souza, Tarcísio Araújo, Isabela Amariz, Larissa Rolim


The objective of this work was to determine the pesticide residues of the pyrethroid class (Deltamethrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin) in soil samples collected in the Sub-Medium São Francisco Valley through Diodes Arrangement Liquid Chromatography (HPLC-DAD). The method was developed and validated using HPLC-DAD. The method was validated according to the parameters of linearity, limit of detection (LD), limit of quantification (LQ), precision, accuracy, and robustness. For the extraction of analytes from soil samples, an effective method of solid-liquid extraction and purification at low temperature was developed and applied, with recovery values of 90.06% for Deltamethrin and 90.88% for Lambda-Cyhalothrin. Finally, the applicability of the methods developed in this work were verified in real soil samples, collected in plantation cores 10 and 11 in the Senador Nilo Coelho Irrigation project in Petrolina-PE and in the Maniçoba Irrigation project in the city of Juazeiro-BA. In these samples the presence of these pesticides was identified in all analyzed nuclei, with considerable concentration values, proving the efficiency of the developed methods and the need for continuous monitoring of the Brazilian agricultural soils.



Universidade Federal do Vale do Sao Francisco


Toxicology, Analytical Method