Reasearch Implementation - Framework for Development of Structural Engineering Applications

Published: 28 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxx2gnmty7.1
Shehezard Rifthie,


The RC Beam Designer app in shows the implementation of the mobile framework. This app designs beams under the influence of moment, shear, and torsional design actions. New cross sections can be designed to determine the amount of reinforcement required using the design option or check the capacity of existing beam cross sections using the investigate option. The following functionality and features are available with the implemented app: 1. Visualise selected shapes and design results 2. Change dimensions, material properties, rebar sizes, and add design actions 3. View results for section properties, and beam design/investigate results 4. Summarise and view results in a report format The shapes available in the app are for basic beam sections: rectangle, T section and angle section. The beam design results are grouped into: 1. Design Actions Summary: flexure, shear, torsion 2. Flexure: flexural reinforcement, moment capacity, etc 3. Shear + Torsion: shear reinforcement, shear capacity, torsion capacity, etc RC Beam Designer app provides design options for design actions and rebar selection rules. Furthermore, the app provides support for multiple design codes.


Steps to reproduce

1. Download files 2. Open "beamsection.html" in your browser (recommend Chrome, Edge browsers)


Asian Institute of Technology


Software, Structural Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Component-Based Software Engineering, Development Framework, System Architecture