Data set for 'Impact of COVID-19 on pornography use: evidence from big data analyses'

Published: 25 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bxxmvz6tmh.1
, Benson, Wui-Man Lau,


COVID-19 raises the awareness of social distancing and social relationships, in particular sexual relationships. It was suggested that the awareness of social distancing would greatly suppress real-life sexual interaction, while pornogrphay use may be increased due to its low risk in contacting COVID-19. the current dataset extracted information from different databases available online, in which data like daily new cases of COVID-19 worldwide, google trends search volume on 'social distancing', 'COVID-19' and 'pornography', web traffic of pronhub are included in the dataset. In brief, interest in pornography and traffic of pornhub were found to increase during the early phase of the pandemic, and social distancing may be a possible moderator in predicting these.


Steps to reproduce

The data from this dataset was extracted from Google Trends, Pornhub Insights, Our World in Data. Details for data collection please refer to the article.


Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Sexuality, Public Health, Sexual Behavior, Search Engine, Big Data, Public Interest, COVID-19