COMBImage2- Part 3

Published: 7 May 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/bxzkdmjjy6.2
Efthymia Chantzi


This is the third and last part of the data needed in order to run COMBImage2 using the available CUSP9 case study. It also contains all executable modules of COMBImage2 that can be employed on Windows machines. These modules are: -COMBO-C -COMBO-M -COMBO-MF -COMBO-Mine -COMBO-Pick -COMBO-V


Steps to reproduce

- All files should be downloaded using the option "Download all files (17)" and saved locally into a separate folder called "CUSP9". - All zip files should be extracted. - Sub-parts of the same data set should be merged together into a common folder. For example: All contents from "7438_a" and "7438_b" should be transferred to a common folder "7438". In order to run the aforementioned executables, open the corresponding folders and follow the instructions provided in the readme files.