Determinants of Organizational Capabilities and Its Impact on Corporate Performance in the Current Era of Big Data

Published: 8 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/by2xwwnxv9.1
Rusdin Tahir


Heterogenous datasets, otherwise known as big data, has grown to include different quantities and types of information, thus revolutionizing knowledge management in organizations and old business models by allowing managers to know about their competitors, organization, and customers. Human resources (HR) related challenges in managing them are techniques that tend to be effective because companies must ultimately find unique ways to attract, retain, and motivate employees that are more difficult for competitors to imitate. This study reveals how organizational capabilities of companies are at risk of being affected by overlapping issues in big data management. This research was conducted using quantitative research methods. Data was collected from 678 middle managers and was then analysed using structural equation modelling. Results show that requirements such as Manufacturing Capability, Managerial Capability, Marketing Capability, Learning Capability, Technology Capability, Inter-Organizational Communication, and Integrative Capability simultaneously and partially affected corporate performance. The study ultimately provides empirical proof of the studied topic and acts as information for stakeholders and company management in inventorying alternatives to improving company performance by studying determinants of organizational capacity



Universitas Padjadjaran


Research Article