Pronounced names of surgical instruments

Published: 31 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/by3xyj6jh5.1


This dataset comprises annotated voice recordings of multiple subjects pronouncing the names of four surgical instruments in English. The voice recordings in the proposed dataset are acquired from volunteering Egyptian physicians who are non-native English speakers over the course of two months. The voice recordings are collected by using WhatsApp messaging app. The dataset is divided into four voice recordings sub-datasets corresponding to the pronounced names of the four surgical instruments, with ten voice recording samples acquired from each speaker for each surgical instrument sub-dataset. The pronounced names of the surgical instruments are “Scalpel”, “Straight Dissection Clamp”, “Straight Mayo Scissor”, and “Curved Mayo Scissor”. The proposed dataset consists of 12 speakers with a total of 405 data samples and approximately one hour of total speech recordings. The proposed voice recordings dataset is appropriate for training and validating different automatic speech recognition systems.



Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport College of Computing and Information Technology


Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Surgical Instrument, Human Voice