GRAS dataset

Published: 3 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/by5h3p8sph.1
Marie-Adelaide Robinson, Dr. Maura Iversen


Individual Groningen Reflection Ability Scale (GRAS) item scores are provided along with the analyzed mean total GRAS scores and the three mean subscale scores to assess the students' reflective ability in our study. We assessed changes in total GRAS scores and GRAS subscales using paired t-tests. Key: Pre = Pre-test survey Post = Post-test survey Self = Self Reflection Subscale component of GRAS Emp = Empathetic Reflection Subscale component of GRAS Comm = Reflective Communication Subscale Component of GRAS GRAS developed by: Aukes LC, Geertsma J, Cohen-Schotanus J, Zwierstra RP, Slaets JP. The development of a scale to measure personal reflection in medical practice and education. Medical Teacher. 2007;29(2-3):177-182. doi:10.1080/01421590701299272.



Interprofessional Education