MUSOIC study

Published: 9 June 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/by6rthpwb8.1
Richard Owen


Analytic code and data used in the Multicentre, prospective cohort Study of Oesophageal Injuries and related Clinical outcomes (MUSOIC study)


Steps to reproduce

All analysis and figures stem from the unprocessed data file (unprocessed_data.txt) and chronological details file (chrono.xlsx). Additional data files are included to allow replication of specific plots due to variation in imputation steps or other analyses. Original raw data file is not included here but can be made available on request, subject to review by a data access committee. Please see the published wok for more details on how to access raw data, and who to contact. Following review, a further processed data .xlsx and code to generate additional figures and tables are included with the prefix 'rebuttal'.


University of Oxford


Clinical Analysis