SM01: Preliminary Survey findings and structure graphs

Published: 1 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bynh84zkwy.1
Goran Grubić


Research project SM01: "Parallel Semantic Crawlers for Knowledge Extraction from manufacturing business multilingual web" The preliminary survey spreadsheets and examples of link-path structure graphs The study is based on data collected by: * Breadth-first crawl of 300 web sites from the sample set, of which 23 were not accessible at the run or process failed for various other reasons. * Manual review of 37 web sites in the Sa


Steps to reproduce

Open TheFilteredSampleAnalysis.xlsx and ManualReviewOf37DomainsInSample.xlsx to see complete data collected automatically and manually - as part of preliminary survey. Unzip the, read README.txt file for detail instructions how to navigate the report. To see link-structure graphs of 9 surveyed web sites just unpack the and view PDF files.


Univerzitet u Beogradu Fakultet organizacionih nauka


Manufacturing Industry, Web Mining, Serbia, Web Site