Data for: Executive and arousal vigilance decrement in the context of the attentional networks

Published: 8 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bzd778pfkg.1
Fernando Gabriel Luna, Julián Marino, Javier Roca, Juan Lupiáñez


Data processed with filters (see Data Analysis section) for Reaction Time measures. Prefix of variables: - ANTI: results from trials measuring phasic alertness, orienting and executive control - EV: results from trials measuring executive vigilance - AV: results from trials measuring arousal vigilance ANTI factorial design: phasic alertness (first number: 1=no tone, 2=tone), orienting (second number: 1=invalid, 2=no cue, 3=valid), and executive control (1=congruent, 2=incongruent). Abbreviations: - Blk: block - FA: False Alarms



Psychology, Cognitive Test