Data for: Energy balance but not competitive environment corresponds with allostatic load during development in an Old World monkey.

Published: 4 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bzjmzfsndj.1
Nicole Thompson, Michael Heistermann, Marina Cords, Erin Vogel, James Higham


The data contains biomarker and behavioral data on 41 juvenile blue monkeys observed during 4 consecutive 2 month periods, wherein each row of data represents a single subject-period, with corresponding measures of juvenile sex, age, number of groupmates, maternal rank, social strategy (according to PCs 1-3), uCP concentrations, fGC concentrations, fruit availability, and average daily rainfall. Each variable was measured as described in methods and centered according to its mean and standardized by its standard deviation before being entered in final models.



Natural Sciences, Animal Behavior, Animal Development, Stress (Clinical Finding), Energy Balance, Adolescent Development