Online Education System - Review

Published: 26 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bzk9zbyvv7.1
Sujatha Radhakrishnan


Pandemic has influenced all spheres of the humanity. COVID-19 impacted the education vertical in larger manner. Traditional classroom environment plays a very vital role in molding the life of an individual. Bond nurtured in the early ages of the life acts as the great moral support in the latter stages of the journey. As the pandemic has forced us into online education, this data collection aims to analyze the impact of online education. To check out the satisfactory level of the learners, review was conducted. Gender – Male, Female Home Location – Rural, Urban Level of Education – Post Graduate, School, Under Graduate Age – Years Number of Subjects – 1- 20 Device type used to attend classes – Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Economic status – Middle Class, Poor, Rich Family size – 1 -10 Internet facility in your locality – Number scale (Very Bad to Very Good) Are you involved in any sports? – Yes, No Do elderly people monitor you? – Yes, No Study time – Hours Sleep time – Hours Time spent on social media – Hours Interested in Gaming? – Yes, No Have separate room for studying? – Yes, No Engaged in group studies? – Yes, No Average marks scored before pandemic in traditional classroom – range Your interaction in online mode - Number scale (Very Bad to Very Good) Clearing doubts with faculties in online mode - Number scale (Very Bad to Very Good) Interested in? – Practical, Theory, Both Performance in online - Number scale (Very Bad to Very Good) Your level of satisfaction in Online Education – Average, Bad, Good



Vellore Institute of Technology Periyar Central Library, VIT University


School, Statistics, Education, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Classification System, Coronavirus, Online Learning, College, Deep Learning, COVID-19, Pandemic