A Benchmark Problem for Brittle Fracture: V-notched specimen

Published: 4 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bzkvd4v8hy.1
Lisa Hug, Kollmannsberger Stefan, Zohar Yosibash, Ernst Rank


This is the supplementary data to the following publication: Hug, L., Kollmannsberger, S., Yosibash, Z., & Rank, E. (2020). A 3D benchmark problem for crack propagation in brittle fracture. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 364, 112905. The following experimental and numerical data is provided for validation purposes: - for comparison of the fracture surfaces, point clouds of the fractured specimen no. 6 (30°) and specimen no. 8 (45°) are provided as ’.ply’ files (crackSurface_pointCloud.zip) - the numerical crack surfaces obtained with the phase-field model presented in Section 4.3 are provided for all three inclination angles as ’.stl’ files (crackSurface_computed.zip) - the numerical load-displacement data is provided (load-displacement-data.xlsx)



Technische Universitat Munchen


Benchmarking, Computer Simulation, Brittle Fracture